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Tanja Puklek is a Croatian author, dancer and mathematics teacher who researches the interaction of dance, circus art, and mathematical principles. By combining the above, she seeks new methods and outcomes in performance, authorship, and education.


She was born in Zagreb on the 16th of October 1987. She graduated from Mathematics at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science.

She starts her dance education at an early age, and later continues at Masa Dance Company with teacher Ognjen Vučinić, at Zagreb Dance Center where she attends professional dance classes. Highlighted teachers: Ognjen Vučinić, Tijen Lewton, Satoshi Kudo, Claire Huber, Caroline Alves and Miro Wallner, Clement Layes.

She gained her circus skills by being a part of several conventions and numerous workshops, where she learned from Lee DeLong, Tomas Sokolowicz, Cyrille Humen, Bart Vene, company Un Loup pour l'Homme, and many others, as well as exploring independently. She promotes dance in circus art in Croatia.

As author and performer she has been collaborating with numerous Croatian and foreign dancers and multimedia artists (Mia Zalukar, Bruno Isaković, Filip Borelli, Leo Betinelli, Sifiso Seleme..)

As a dancer and performer she performed and taught throughout Croatia and abroad (Germany, Austria, Poland, Nigeria, Montenegro). Since 2019. she is a member of the Croatian Dancers Association - UPUH.

She spreads the knowledge she gained in the field of Mathematics, as well as dance and object manipulation. Since 2014. until 2017. she was a mathematics teacher at Traffic School in Zagreb. Since the year of 2017 she holds regular prop dance classes. Also she holds workshops of contemporary dance, prop dance, and poi manipulation from which should be highlighted dance and juggling workshop at youth exchange Erasmus+ project GIRLS Gender-Inclusion-Empowerment  (Krzyzowa, Poland) in 2017.

Full detailed biography can be found here.

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