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Black &White

Multimedia dance performance Black & White is exploring contrast as a foundation of the cultural, sociological, political, physical, and metaphysical coexistence of two polarities. It is connecting two cultures that are, from their own point of view, exotic to each other. It raises awareness that our way of living is something new and different for people from other countries. Being exposed to different cultures, we refresh our way of living, as well as value our manners and costumes more than before. Through traditional dances, songs, and physical theater accompanied by live music, two performers of different sex, race, and culture (man and woman, black and white, African and European) are merging each other's history in order to create harmonious habitat. Combining African and Croatian folklore with contemporary dance and music we are placing ourselves in our past, present and future.

Authors and performers: Filip Borelli, Tanja Puklek and Sifiso Seleme

Music and video: Filip Borelli

Costume design: Tanja Puklek and Sifiso Seleme

Photo and poster design: Filip Borelli

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