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Where are, those endless thoughts that are constantly streaming through my head, coming from?

What am I, and what are expectations of the society?

How do they make me feel, move, or communicate?

You only need to set things straight in your head, they say.

Or perhaps in my soul?

But, how to hear, recognize, or feel the soul?

This performance mix deals with questions of identity by observing the relationship between the individual and his thoughts and beliefs about himself, as well as the sources on which those beliefs are based. For this purpose, a sculptural prop – a forest of ropes – has been made. The prop carries a scenic and metaphorical meaning. Through this performance, the author and performer Tanja Puklek Borelli is building a relationship with the prop, based on a self-reflective process. Here we can find the blackest dark and the most colorful light, worm sun rays and storms, pain and embraces, laughter, and plenty of things that form us and lie undiscovered on the horizon of matter and metaphysics. Starting from a place of a free game, combining various techniques from the field of contemporary circus and dance, this relationship also represents the approach to any prop as the extension of the body or a part of the person who is manipulating it. The entire atmosphere is coated with the music composition of Sunčica Dropulić (Sundari) together with the game of lights and projections by Filip Borelli. The inspiration for the concept and title lies in the personal experience of the author, as well as in the work of contemporary psychologists Margaret Paul, Bill Plotkin, and Tsabary Shefali. In her peroration of this topic Shefali addresses the false beliefs, which are coming out of, as she calls it: “toxic patriarchy”, as “Lies Of the Matrix”, which holds the ground for the title “L.O.M.”.

Author: Tanja Puklek Borelli (PuTanja)

Performance and choreography: Tanja Puklek Borelli

Light design, projections, and video: Filip Borelli

Music: Sunčica Dropulić (Sundari)

Assistants in choreography: Vladimira Šančić and Ivana Pedljo

Artistic support: Filip Borelli and Vladimira Šančić

Costumes: Tanja Puklek Borelli and Ivanka Jovanović

Photography and camera: Vladimir Bogovčič

Poster design, and video production: Studio De Borell

Production: PuTanja and Studio De Borell

The project was supported by associations Cirkorama, Cirkus kolektiv, and Tricycle trauma. It was preselected at the international platform Circusnext, and financially supported by the Croatian Ministry of Culture.

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