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Fire, Water, Earth, and Air are four creatures of the Universum, the creators of worlds. Through a game, they explore their relations with each other in order to find stable structures for the foundation of new life stories.

The first impression of this performance belongs to the costumes painted with neon colors. Together with LED and neon-colored props, the costumes create a special atmosphere under UV light. Through contemporary dance, acrobalance, juggling (and swinging) with LED clubs, and manipulating LED poi and neon hula hoop, the performers make this act what it is. An experience of another world.

Authors and performers: Aleksandar Đikić, Diana Fureš, Tanja Puklek and Tatjana Vuletić

Costume design: Tanja Puklek with assistance of Filip Borelli, Aleksandar Đikić, Tatjana Vuleti and Mija Mrđenović

music: Xploding Plastix (without music license)

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