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fotografirao Ivan Marenić


The focus of this workshop is on research through the medium of dance and object manipulation, their integration and mutual influences. The participants will explore their relationship with the prop through dance which is natural to them and inside which they can express themselves and move freely. Lead through exercises and tasks, hey will create their own material.

The goal of this workshop is to widen the horizons and to open new possibilities for creation as well as discovering one's expression out of boundaries of known and already seen.

Jugglers/object manipulators who want to explore dance, and dancers who want to try object manipulation are very welcome to the workshop. It would b desirable if participants had any kind of background in one of the two mediums.

The participants need to bring their prop as well as clothes and shoes that allow them to move easily and freely.

Workshop length: 3 days, 2 hours per day - can be accommodated to the requirements and needs of the client

Age:  15+

number of participants and technical demands

The number of participants depends on the size of the space, optimal 10.

Space, where the workshop takes place, should be a dance/juggling studio or a gym, at least 50 square meters in surface (or any other space with parquet or dance floor).

It is desirable that the space have their own PA system with AUX input.

Cover photo by Ivan Marenić

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