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fotografirao Ivan Marenić

poi antipodism


While exploring an object in terms of juggling or object manipulation, we tend to find various ways to manipulate it, taking into account the position of object related to the body and vice versa. One of the extraordinary ways of manipulating an object is by using our feet. In circus this way of manipulation is called „antipodism“ and it can be found in various forms regarding the object that is being manipulated.

The goal of this workshop is to introduce the basic poi antipodism, along with the approach of searching one's own expression.

After warm-up with contemporary dance elements, yoga, pilates, gymnastics and elements of Brain Gym, the participants will learn the basics of manipulating poi with feet, through exercises and given sequences. Also they will explore their own way of using poi attached to the feet.


This workshop is specially designed for poi jugglers, but also for dancers who want to explore something different.


The participants need to bring their prop as well as clothes and shoes that allow them to move easily and freely.

Workshop length: 3 days, 2 hours per day - can be accommodated to the requirements and needs of the client

Age:  15+

number of participants and technical demands

The number of participants depends on the size of the space, optimal 10.

Space, where the workshop takes place, should be a dance/juggling studio or a gym, at least 50 square meters in surface (or any other space with parquet or dance floor).

It is desirable that the space have their own PA system with AUX input.

Cover photo by Ivan Marenić

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