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fotografirao Yohan Decelles

POI workshop - mixed age and background

This workshop is designed for participants of different age and levels of skill knowledge. It is suitable for festivals and various manifestations. 

The class starts with a short warm-up with elements of yoga, Brain Gym together with various techniques for relaxation and letting ourselves follow the impulse, as it is an important foundation for the flow art.

After we got ourselves moving, we'll jump into group games with the purpose of better understanding the manipulation of the rotation plane, the feeling of the poi impulse, and training the feeling of the position of our body in the space and in relation to others.

We will also learn the basic techniques of poi manipulation for the beginners. For the participants with some background in the skill, we'll do some sets of tricks connected in a sequence. The approach to the participants is as individual as possible, having in mind their potential. 

Participants should bring their poi if they have one.

Length: 1h 30 min

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