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fotografirao Ivan Marenić

Errorless movement workshop

While learning a skill, error is an inevitable thing, but it doesn't necessarily have to be wrong or unwanted. Even those mistakes, that we tend to avoid, reveal an extraordinary and authentical expression.

The goal of this workshop is to widen our horizons, primarily through the connection between pure movement and poi (object) manipulation. Also, the search four one’s own expression out of boundaries of known and already seen. And finally the awareness of dynamics, quality of movement and unexpected tricks.

After warm-up with contemporary dance elements, yoga and gymnastics, the participants will explore the ways of moving/dancing through the space with the prop in order to find new tricks and, after all, their own style. Besides the research process, the participants will follow the given sequences of movements and tricks.

This workshop designed for performers, jugglers, object manipulators, dancers and all those who are willing to give their errors a chance.

Workshop length: 3 days, 2 hours per day - can be accommodated to the requirements and needs of the client


Age:  15+

number of participants and technical demands

The number of participants depends on the size of the space, optimal 10.

Space, where the workshop takes place, should be a dance/juggling studio or a gym, at least 50 square meters in surface (or any other space with parquet or dance floor).

It is desirable that the space have their own PA system with AUX input.

Cover photo by Ivan Marenić

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