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Contemporary dance workshop

Contemporary dance articulates various techniques and styles, and lies on the primordial movement.

The relationship with gravity, movement initiation, floorwork, and inversions, are some of the elements that we learn to incorporate in our physical practice at this workshop.

The focus of the workshop is to work on basic techniques of the mentioned elements, and to dive into a deeper relationship with our body by listening to the naturality of every movement.

The workshop is designed for dancers, circus performers, acrobats, and all those who are already involved in some kind of physical practice and search a language that could be connected to their work in order to create a more profound emotional and intuitive relationship with the audience.

In cases of working with acrobats or circus performers, the workshop will have various exercises and tasks incorporated, in which the participants explore the relation of learned techniques with the medium of their work, including the usage of the props.


Workshop length: 3 days, 2 hours per day - can be accommodated to the requirements and needs of the client


Age:  15+

number of participants and technical demands

The number of participants depends on the size of the space, optimal 10.

Space, where the workshop takes place, should be a dance/juggling studio or a gym, at least 50 square meters in surface (or any other space with parquet or dance floor).

It is desirable that the space have their own PA system with AUX input.

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