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fotografirao Yohan Decelles


photos by Yohan Decelles

The goal of these classes is understanding the nature of poi and the principal of its manipulation, through observing the prop as an extension of the body, which leads to awareness of our body and movement.

After stretching and warm up with contemporary dance, yoga, gymnastics ad Brain Gym exercises, the participants will overmaster techniques of poi manipulation and learn given sequences and choreographies. Apart from proposed sequences, the participants will have the opportunity to explore different styles from the one given to them, and in that manner search for their own expression.

The given techniques will be adjusted to the participants' backgrounds.

The participants should bring their pair of poi, comfortable clothes, and shoes for use only in the studio.

Location: DZIU Medika, Pierottijeva 11, Zagreb - temporarily closed

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online poi classes

These classes are designed for my students to continue their practice while coronavirus stops us from meeting for real.
We'll start with a warmup with yoga, contemporary dance elements, brain gym exercises and all needed for us to prepare our body for tasks that follow.
We will practice some tricks, combinations, and incorporate some dance movements for other parts of our body into our poi sequences of tricks.
At the end of the class, we'll do some stretching and cooling down.
The classes will be prepared for an intermediate level of poi technique, but all of you beginners and poi masters you can join us, maybe you'll find something that'll help you improve.

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